Specify and produce the highest quality code & slickest web apps for our clients to help them achieve their goals and help Deuce become an industry leader for web app development expertise and rapid delivery.


We are a forward-thinking, small but growing digital agency based in Hampshire. We need to expand our team to meet the increasing demand for applications, websites, mobile apps and other exciting projects.

We’re looking for a A-player Laravel developer to join our small development team. You’ll be creating systems for new clients, adding functionality to existing projects, and contributing to our in-house tools.

In addition to writing code, you may be involved in exploring project scope, establishing functional specifications, or producing wireframes & demos. You might also be asked to investigate bug reports, perform software upgrades, and help deploy code & data to production environments. Ideally you will be local to us, but we would consider a remote hire for the right person.


Contribute to the launch of between 1-3 PHP web apps monthly, writing clean, readable, efficient, reusable, tested, production-ready code that follows OOP and DRY principles.

  • Demonstrate adherence to the PSR-2 coding standard, as well as any additional recommendations as outlined at
  • Demonstrate knowledge of CSS, HTML, & JavaScript languages, with the ability to pick up new languages and technologies on your own.
  • Provide sufficient test coverage on every project, practicing test-driven development at every opportunity.

Consistently deliver projects on-time and on-budget.

  • Demonstrate adherence to lean/agile delivery methodologies, breaking down user stories into tasks and providing realistic estimates for completion within available sprints/timeframes.
  • Actively using or repurposing code from previous and/or up-to-date open-source projects if it is beneficial and will reduce development time.
  • Tracking exact time spent on each project so that we are able to calculate profitability and estimate future projects accurately.

Reduce current web app development time by 30% within the first six months.

  • Optimise our existing development process to enable MVPs to be produced in the shortest possible time frames.
  • Iterate on our current workflow to increase project delivery rates by 100% in 9 months.

Deliver all projects on time while keeping revision work to less than 20% of the overall project budget through obsessive attention to detail and self-management skills.

  • Self-manage project workload while communicating potential issues and solutions with project managers before deliveries are blocked or delayed.
  • Communicate directly with clients via in-person meetings, video & phone calls, email threads, and discussions within our PM tools.

Core Competencies


Our team aims to produce the highest-quality web apps. Our big-picture goal is to continually improve that level of quality through unparallelled attention to detail and a passion for building apps the right way.

You should have experience completing complex projects while on a pressing deadline. You should also have experience explaining these complexities to others without jargon.


Deuce team members need to be one step ahead of the situation at all times. For example, when creating functionality, how can it be written in an easily adaptable way to fit unstated needs of current & future clients?

You should have experience creating simple solutions to complex problems, ranging from project-specific hurdles to company-wide growth initiatives, ideally providing the solution before the problem presents itself.

Helpful, Thoughtful

We work in the best interest of our team & clients. Each team member is expected to support fellow coworkers and go above and beyond for clients.

You should have experience communicating with others in a confident, compassionate, and clear style. You should take responsibility for your own actions and assume oversights by others are due to your own mistakes.

As a small team, we value everyone’s contributions, and you will help shape our workflows.


All team members experience a high level of autonomy and should thrive in this situation. Examples include self-teaching new skills, taking on creative initiatives, and vocalizing/acting on process improvements.

You should have experience learning new programming languages, developing new skills, and working within a small team of self-directed individuals with minimal operational oversight.


  • Strong knowledge of PHP
  • Solid understanding of semantic HTML
  • Responsive mobile-first CSS/Sass
  • Familiarity with JavaScript and development with Vue.js
  • Working knowledge of Git
  • Experience in relational databases such as MySQL or MariaDB
  • Bash/shell experience would also be beneficial


  • macOS
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Terminal (Composer, NPM/Yarn)
  • GitHub/Bitbucket
  • Google (Docs, Hangouts, Sheets)
  • Slack
  • Nifty PM

Bonus Points

  • Experience with the TALL stack (Tailwind, Alpine.js, Laravel, and Livewire) –
  • Experience working with APIs and OAuth systems
  • Experience with CI/CD pipelines and DevOps
  • Exposure to virtualisation or container technology like Docker and Vagrant
  • Experience with IaaS services such as Amazon Web Services, Azure, Google Cloud Platform or similar
  • Experience contributing to PHP open source projects
  • An appreciation for House music


  • Competitive salary for your market based on ability. We have a budget for this role for the right person, however sometimes the perfect person is far more or less experienced than we anticipated. If you think that might be the case, please apply and just let us know.
  • 30 days holiday including bank holidays. Christmas till New Years’ off!
  • Annual salary increase at a minimum in line with Average Weekly Earnings growth all the time we’re in profit.

To Apply

We are looking for a Laravel Developer who is dedicated to the craft, writes code that they are proud of, and can hit the ground running. Tell us why you’re that person. We'll schedule video interviews with applicants that we feel "get" us and will mesh well with our philosophies.


  • Matched employee pension contributions of up to 8%
  • Comprehensive private health insurance
  • Easy going – flexible start & end times to work around your lifestyle
  • Flexibility to work from home/a coffee shop/anywhere when you’re not required for in-person meetings
  • Your birthday on us – we pay, you stay away
  • Access to the Cycle to Work Scheme 
  • Comfortable, relaxed office space in a rural setting with country park
  • Ergonomic workstation, and whatever tech/tools you need to do your job well
  • Coffee machine, pool table & DJ decks
  • Beers (or an alternative) on us every Friday afternoon

Life at Deuce Creative